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For Women Sailors

On October 5, 2008, I and two friends, Radeen (Island Spirit) and Vanessa (Wind Runner), launched a new website for women sailors . . . www.WmWAVES.com. The site was inspired by a desire to bring women sailors together to share everything of interest to us . . . from boat recipes to how we can become comfortable handling a man-overboard situation and more. It is for women sailors (defined as “travelers by water”) everywhere. Please visit the site and learn how this project got under way, what we hope to achieve and what it can do for you. Registration is FREE and we hope you will share your articles, calendar events, et cetera, and help us spread the word.  Let’s join together and become one unified and strong group of Women Making WAVES!


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My Cruising Past

My husband and I recently returned from a two-year hiatus, which we spent cruising on our Island Packet 440 Sailboat “Charmed.”  Check out our sailing blog at www.svCharmed.Blogspot.com.  We left New London, Connecticut in August 2007 and, once out of the Long Island Sound, made a bee-line for Cape May.  This was my first off-shore run and my first overnight sailing experience.  To make a long story short, we traveled south mostly via the Intracoastal Waterway, and made it all the way to Marathon, Florida (with a lot of stops in between) before heading north again.  After many stops again as we headed north, we spent the Summer of 2008 in Maine after crewing on our friends’ boat Wind Runner on a two-week trip to and from Bermuda.  That is my longest off-shore run so far.  Then after Maine, it was back south again, and this time we made to the Bahamas for a few months.  Now Charmed is docked in a lovely slip at Twin Dolphin Marina in Bradenton, Florida, and we’re working on getting our land legs again!

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