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When it comes to marketing for our businesses, assuming we have a great product and/or we provide a great service, how do we set ourselves apart from our competition?  After all, when we set ourselves apart from our competition, we have no competition!  So think about doing something that your competitors may not be doing.  Here’s a simple idea you can institute this moment–reach out with recognition and appreciation to your clients, customers and referral sources every day

Some may wonder whether they have the time or whether it’s worth the effort.  Watch this short testimonial and decide for yourself:

Frankly, I think this is a no-brainer!  I can’t tell you how many times I have sent a heartfelt card or a card and small gift for a birthday, to say “thank you” or just because I was thinking of someone, and I have received a call thanking me for the card or gift!  It just goes to show that what you send out always returns to you.  People crave recognition and appreciation and are so . . . grateful . . . when they receive it!  And no matter how much genuine gratitude you send out–no matter how many genuine “thank you’s” you extend in a day–you will never, never, never run out. 

Whether you choose to send “thank you” cards, hold client appreciation events, or use some other method to express your appreciation, if you make sure to include it in your daily schedule, you will not only enhance the lives of others, but you will grow your life and your business as well.


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